What’s GLS


GLOBAL Lab SENDAI uses its proprietary network linking Sendai and Oulu, Finland, to provide an IT consortium launched for the purpose of building a games and ICT industry in Sendai, Tohoku.
Currently, approximately 30 IT corporations and 10 educational institutions are working together with the aim of building an industrial infrastructure in Sendai, Tohoku.



In 2005, Sendai signed an industrial development agreement with Oulu, Finland, for the purpose of promoting industrial development at both locations.
Oulu, Finland, is known as the birthplace of wireless communications, with companies such as Nokia - which once boasted the world's number one share in the cell phone industry and is now actively working on mobile networking R&D - as well as over 400 ICT companies - within a city with a population of 240,000 inhabitants - rightly becoming well known as the Silicon Valley of Europe. Oulu is a city that takes pride in being world top class in terms of its ICT industry and training.

Us at GLOBAL Lab SENDAI use our network with Oulu to provide support for the training of global personnel and the expansion of companies into overseas markets.