GLS Program

GLOBAL Lab SENDAI runs the four yearly programs outlined below for the purpose of creating an IT industry in Sendai, Tohoku.

GLS's objective is to show the students of future generations how business people from Sendai, Tohoku, work in real life, providing them with practical education within society as early as possible, in order to create a new generation of skilled professionals able to make their way within the global world.

An opportunity for students and working professionals to mingle together, GLS Network

GLS for Business

Overseas expansion based on a partnership with Finland

Our partner Oulu, in Finland, is home to over 400 small and large ICT companies working on world-leading technologies and global expansion (including games publishers and developers). Using our network with Oulu - a city known as Europe's Silicon Valley - we provide support to IT corporations for expanding their business overseas.

GLS for Education

Real business carried out by business people

Extracurricular classes provided by GLS for free, aimed at promoting the growth of business-minded students. Held throughout the year, these lessons are divided into two phases: the Learning Phase (based primarily on lectures) and the Challenge Phase (containing survival elements).
The lessons are taught by professionals that are active within society, giving the students an opportunity to think about how they would survive out in the real world, and providing them with knowledge that goes beyond what can be learned at school. The games course provides a wide variety of knowledge, from the fundamentals of planning and development, to business-based thinking.

GLS IT Seminar

Learn the latest IT trends at Japan and abroad

A seminar about the latest IT trends in Japan and abroad. This seminar uses a combination of leading experts and business professinals to cover the many possibilities of fast-growing, leading IT businesses in the fields of public open data, IoT, robotics, drones, VR, and the like, thereby promoting the close cooperation between companies.


Yearly Sendai App Contest

A general event with a series of GLS programs, which has been organized by GLS every year since its initial launch in February 2014. The event welcomes over 200 visitors, as a setting that allows students and young people from Sendai, Tohoku, to showcase their abilities. Participants create apps or come up with ideas based on particular themes, which are then presented on stage. This event also provides an opportunity for local students to be matched up with local companies, and some students even end up being offered employment following the event. Many students enter the competition every year while keeping their eyes on the wonderful prizes, including an opportunity to visit Finland for the top winner (this was the prize for the 2nd event).