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1st Sendai App Contest DA・TE・APPS! 2015

2016/03/15 DA・TE・APPS!

Final Judging/Awards Ceremony

Date and time:
February 14th, 2015 (Sat) 13:00 – 18:00
1st Floor Open Square, Sendai Mediateque
General MC
Ryo Hara, Representative Secretary, GLOBAL Lab SENDAI Consortium
Special MC
Karen Iwata, AKB48 TeamA
  • Masanobu Endo, Professor, Tokyo Polytechnic University (Jury President)
  • Yuichi Kogure, Assistant Professor, Aomori Public University
  • Games Presenter Takahashi Meijin
  • Yohei Yanase, Creative Strategist, Unity Technologies Japan G.K.

The 1st contest was aimed at students and working professionals from all over the country, with applications accepted across two categories: the Ideas Category (a competition for the best mobile app idea based on themes given out by companies), and the Apps Category (aiming for the best mobile game app to be expanded to overseas markets).

“On the day of the contest, there were presentations made by the prize winners of the Ideas Category and the finalists of the Apps Category. In addition, there were panel discussions led by the judges Prof. Endo, Prof. Kogure, and Mr. Yanase, sharing opinions about the many possibilities found within games as seen from the point of view of the creators and the players.
Also, Oulu Game Lab’s Lab Master Jussi Autio attended the venue from Oulu, giving a message of support to the IT developers in Sendai.”

In addition, there were also hands-on booths for the works participating in the contest, as well as exhibition booths by the city’s vocational schools and sponsoring companies, attracting over 250 people to the event.

Prize Winners

Ideas Category

IT ALL Prize
  • Theme: An app that communicate through text and sound
  • Work Title: “Grassball”
  • Applicant: Shuya Sano (Year 1, Division of Information and Electronic System Engineering, Sendai College, National Institute of Technology)
PAON Award
  • Theme: A game that you can enjoy with somebody with no explanation
  • Work Title: “The Goonies”
  • Applicant: Tomohiro Takeda (Year 2, Game College, Human Academy Sendai Campus)

Apps Category

Highest Award
  • Work Title: “Turcle
  • Applicant: Ryo Takanezawa (Game Creator Department, Arts College Yokohama)
Unity Award
  • Work Title: “Onigiri Korokoro” (Rolling Rice Ball)
  • Applicants: Kazuki Murakami (School of Media Science, Tokyo University of Technology)
  • Fuuna Nakamura (School of Media Science, Tokyo University of Technology)
Takahashi Meijin Award
  • Work Title: “DekoPin
  • Applicant: Daisuke Sato
  • Work Title: “PIN BASKET BALL
  • Applicant: Ryotatsu Harima (BB Graphics Co., Ltd.)
Audience Award
  • Work Title: “Ganbare Astronaut” (Keep Going Astronaut)
  • Applicant: Ryosuke Kumagai (Tohoku Computer College)

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