GLS Event

Joint Ideathon with Oulu Game Lab “OGL Lab CAMP”

2016/03/15 Education

Date and time: September 23rd (Wed) – 25th (Fri), 2015 10:00 – 18:00
Venue: 4th Floor Conference Room, Sendai City War Reconstruction Memorial Hall
Lecturer: Patty Toledo, Lab Master, Oulu Game Lab, Oulu University of Applied Sciences
Blair Stevenson, Lecturer, Oulu University of Applied Sciences
Ryo Hara, Chairman, Miyagi Mobile Society
Atsushi Kaneko, President, Picola Inc.

ogl_curriculum-300x225GLS held a games development event as part of its partnership with the University of Applied Sciences in Oulu, Finland, based on the curriculum used at Oulu Game Lab (OGL).
This event allowed students from Sendai, Tohoku, to experience OGL’s advanced curriculum, also providing an opportunity for them to learn about group development methods, presentation skills, as well as communication with foreigners.
OGL’s curriculum is outlined in the diagram below, featuring two gates (reviews) from the creation of game concepts to their actual implementation.
Although this overall process generally takes about half a year, for this event it was condensed into three days, with lectures on game development and presentations, covering a wide variety of aspects, from concept creation to design.
The theme of the games to be developed at the event was “Let’s make foreigners like Tohoku,” with presentations of games featuring local events, local cuisine, and characters from the Tohoku area.
The 2nd Sendai App Contest DA・TE・APPS! 2016 created an OGL Lab CAMP Category, featuring presentations of games based on ideas from this event.


Please see 2nd Sendai App Contest DA・TE・APPS! 2016 for more details.